The Association of Recovery Schools (ARS) and Young People in Recovery (YPR) are excited to announce a formal partnership. Effective October 9th 2015, ARS and YPR entered into and executed an Affiliation Agreement, which consolidated the efforts of both organizations. This partnership will improve the recovery landscape for young people across the country by increasing the capacity of both organizations to more efficiently and strategically serve the needs of young people and create recovery-ready communities.
ARS and YPR are now better equipped to support one another while remaining committed to the separate but similar missions and goals of each organization. By joining forces, ARS and YPR will lead the charge for the national youth recovery movement.
Specifically, the Affiliation Agreement:
Allows ARS and YPR to maintain separate 501(c)3 statuses, maintains both sets of Board of Directors for each organization
Preserves leadership positions for each organization. Kristen Harper will continue to be the Executive Director of ARS and Justin Luke Riley the President and CEO of YPR
Provides ARS with direct access to YPR staff for day-to-day administrative support
Affords YPR direct access to the expertise of ARS professionals and staff
This strategic fusion of two of the nation’s foremost youth recovery support organizations was made possible due to the highly dedicated efforts of each organization’s Board of Directors and executive leadership. We sincerely thank each organization’s Board and all of ARS and YPR’s supporters and members for the continued support.
We look forward to a bright future together!

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