Earlier this year we announced a partnership between YPR and Choice. During this time, Choice held a very successful event at Denver Health, further proving the need of this educational tool in the professional community. Since the completion of this event, Choice and YPR have decided to part ways as Choice branches out to run events independently. We are excited for Choice’s future, and believe that Choice will have a great impact on the community as it fulfills a dire need. To learn more about Choice and their most recent event, please read below! To stay up to date on all Choice events, like them on Facebook at www.facebook.com/choiceinrecovery. You can contact them directly at choiceinrecovery@gmail.com.
Choice in Recovery is a project whose mission is to unite the many pathways to recovery and educate the public and professionals in the field about their options. Choice envisions a world where all individuals are empowered to CHOOSE a recovery pathway that resonates with them.

Choice fulfills its mission by uniting representatives from the many pathways to recovery, presenting an innovative and dynamic panel discussion, and offering participants a chance to meet with representatives from different recovery programs to learn more. Once the panel discussion is complete, the speakers join an expo-style, information fair with tables for each program. Audience members can pick up flyers and brochures from the presenters and continue the conversation on a one-on-one basis. Choice events generally last two hours, but can be customized for different audiences as needed.

Events have included representatives from Smart Recovery, Narcotics Anonymous, Phoenix Multisport, Women for Sobriety, Moderation Management, University of Colorado Collegiate Recovery Center, LifeRing, Young People in Recovery, harm reduction, and medication assisted treatment. These events are attended by those seeking recovery, those concerned for loved ones, and those interested or invested in the issue. As a result of these events, people have attained recovery as they were empowered to choose a pathway that worked for them.

On June 30th, 2016, the fourth Choice event was held at Denver Health. The panel included: Dr. Christian Thurstone (to speak on behalf of the continuum of care), a representative from medication assisted treatment, SMART Recovery, Women for Sobriety, Young People in Recovery, Phoenix Multisport, University of Colorado Collegiate Recovery Center, Narcotics Anonymous, LifeRing, and Moderation Management. The structure of the event was: program presentations, working break, panel discussion, and expo-style fair.

The event was geared specifically towards professionals in the field and all attendees were given the opportunity to attain three Continuing Education Hours offered through the Colorado Association of Addictions Professionals (CAAP). This shift in audience occurred to address the lack of knowledge amongst professionals, which inevitably filters down to clientele. The goal of the event was to increase knowledge of the many pathways to recovery amongst professionals in the field. The intention was that this event would allow the professionals to have a different conversation with their clientele where clients are empowered to choose a pathway that works for them. Long term, this would increase the demand for the many pathways and increase their accessibility.

Attendees included: supervisors, licensed professional counselors, social workers, clinicians, government employees, and community members. Years in the field ranged from one to 30 years. There were 53 in attendance.

Both quantitative and qualitative post survey responses indicate that Choice fulfilled the goal of educating professionals in the field on the many pathways to recovery. There was a significant percent change increase for familiarity with the many pathways, familiarity of the recovery support programs in their area, and likeliness to recommend a recovery support program to a client.

Some of the feedback received from this event is included below.

I appreciate all the pathways for people in recovery and the ability to choose their best fit. -Social Worker, 2 years in the field

Very necessary, will refer to clients- glad to know more resources. -State government employee, 16 years in the field.

Great that there is a variety of choices and a non-judgmental/collaborative effort to help people. -Mental Health Clinician, 5 years in the field

Due to the success of the Denver Health event, events have already been scheduled for the month of September. Follow Choice on Facebook for all details!