Meet Our Team

Damien Warsavage

A Japanese/Korean vocal musician by trade, Damien Christopher Warsavage, YE-CRS, CRS earned his Recovery Specialist credentials from The Council Of Southeast Pennsylvania & the Pennsylvania Certification Board in 2015 & was hired by Young People In Recovery as a Site Leader for its “My Recovery Is E.P.I.C.” program in the Greater Philadelphia area as of September 2015, working his way up to becoming YPR’s 1st National Program Partnership Coordinator as of December 2016. Supporting causes greater than his own self-interests, Mr. Warsavage is also a community leader in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, where he has met with local leaders & elected officials regarding equitable public school funding, LGBT+ youth rights advocacy, & increased access to recovery supports for the Upper Darby School District. While he isn’t providing recovery services to clients in need, Mr. Warsavage volunteers his time to PRO-ACT (an arm of The Council Of Southeast Pennsylvania) & the Philadelphia chapter of YPR, taking part in lectures, training sessions, & group/individual facilitations whenever possible.

Damien Warsavage’s passion for recovery community advocacy was born from the sudden losses of his brother, Allen Christopher, & father, John Christopher, both of whom passed away from drug-related circumstances, within a week of each other, in April 2014. It is Mr. Warsavage’s greatest hope that his family’s life story will empower others to turn their grief into positive change by any (productive) means necessary.