Meet Our Team

Jana Magee

Jana Magee is a person in long term recovery, finding a new way of life without drugs and alcohol on April 5, 2003. She began her career in the field of substance abuse disorders in June, 2010 as an Alumni Coordinator at a residential and detox treatment center in Houston. In January of 2011 Jana took a training to be a Recovery Coach and immediately began providing peer services to women who were incarcerated or recently released from jail or prison. She is a Texas state certified Peer Recovery Specialist and Recovery Coach Trainer as well as a trained Recovery Coach Supervisor and Supervisor Trainer. Most recently she was the Recovery Support Services Coordinator for the Council on Recovery in Houston. Jana is extremely excited about bringing Peer Recovery Support Services and supervision to rural Texas in her role at YPR.

Jana lives in Houston and is a transplant from Florida since 1996. She has two teenage sons, three dogs and a cat, who are all kind enough to share their home with her.