Meet Our Team

Justin Hughes

I am Justin Hughes and a person in recovery. I am coming up on 5 and half years of being in recovery and before that I was a person that was incarcerated for 8 years because society kept locking me up because I was active in my struggle with meth, alcohol, and marijuana. Treatment works after 15 months of the CONQUEST residential treatment program I discovered recovery through resources such as 12 step program, USARA, Collegiate recovery, and most of all Young People in Recovery. Today I am person that has Graduated from the University of Utah with a Bachelors in Social work and started the Master of social work program. I am a Certified Pee Support Specialist at Odyssey house of Utah. I love talking to groups of people of all ages I have spoken to groups from the 6th grade on up in school or in jail, I know who my audience is and how to empower others. I am in an amazing healthy relationship with the woman of my dreams, which is a first for me. I spend time with my brothers and parents, which was nonexistent through my younger years due to my drug use. Today I just get to show up and I put in a lot of work and the promises come true. Today I get to live a life of happiness and love and show up for all of you.