Meet Our Team

Tara Moseley


Tara Moseley is a student at the University of Louisville, and completing a Bachelor degree in Political Science, Public Policy and Pre-Law, with a minor in Psychology. Tara has helped to develop two successful transitional living houses for women in the Louisville, Kentucky area. She facilitated trainings at a local Homeless Shelter with a Recovery Program, for people seeking higher education, and employment. Tara is also a person in long term recovery, in recovery since April of 2011. In May of 2014, she began volunteering for Young People in Recovery because she watched many of her peers struggle to maintain their recovery because of living circumstances, employment, and lack of support. She has established a chapter in her community in Louisville, Kentucky. The local Chapter has trainings that are open and free to the public for those seeking higher education and employment. She has worked with SAMSHA, BRASS TACS, the Department of Behavioral health to design a standard for youth peer supports services, and bring awareness of Recovery across the Midwest region. In 2016 Tara began working for Young People in Recovery as the Kentucky State Program Director, in partnership with the Department of Behavioral Health to implement YPR chapters and the “My Recovery is E.P.I.C.” program across the state to help enable recovery-ready communities.