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Generation Found, a documentary that focuses on a unique approach to adolescent and young adult substance use disorder prevention, treatment and recovery support services, inspired the National Youth Recovery Alliance (NYRA). For over forty years, Houston, Texas has been serving youth, young adults, and families through the use of a continuum of care model. Experts in the field agree that these types of wrap around services create a more comprehensive and balance environment for adolescents. Communities, who have shifted from an acute care system to this more holistic approach, are seeing very positive outcomes thanks to the support that young people are receiving at each stage of their early development.

In response to the rising tide of requests for youth specific recovery resources the National Youth Recovery Alliance (NYRA) has been created by linking youth recovery organizations together through an online platform. NYRA is an interconnected network of resources that anyone can and should be able to access easily through the web. The landing page links community leaders, young people, families, and professionals directly to each of the national organizations that specialize in a specific niche of the continuum of services model.

If you would like to speak to one of our experts, please use the ‘Contact Us’ tab on the NYRA Homepage, fill out an inquiry form and wait for someone to contact you directly. You can also click directly to each of these organizations through the various tabs that are also located on the NYRA Homepage and contact the various organizations directly for assistance.