On Tuesday, President Trump announced his “Initiative to Stop Opioid Abuse and Reduce Drug Supply and Demand.”

At YPR, we envision a world where everyone can access the necessary resources to recover from substance use disorder and other high-risk behaviors. We work to accomplish this by providing training and networks that individuals, families, and communities need to recover. Our chapters and programs provide recovery support services to individuals of all ages, regardless of individual pathways to recovery.

We appreciate President Trump acknowledging recovery supports and evidenced-based treatment practices as one of the four main pillars of his administration’s Initiative. What YPR and the rest of America need to see, are concrete next steps that identify proven recovery support services and scale those services across the country. Additionally, our officials need to identify the recovery support services currently receiving federal funding that are ineffective, and shifting support to what we know is working based on data. Without supporting and promoting the many pathways to recovery, evidenced-based treatment alone will not get the job done.

New legislation known as CARA 2.0 (Comprehensive Addiction Recovery Act), addresses gaps in the President’s Initiative. The original CARA legislation was passed in July 2016 and made enormous strides in tackling our nation’s substance use crisis, but unfortunately, it lacked the financial resources and accountability measures necessary to properly address the crisis. Specifically, CARA 2.0  includes an increase in funding from CARA’s original $1 million, to $200 million every year in order to build and sustain communities of recovery. This translates to funding at the community level to “mobilize resources within and outside the recovery community to increase long-term recovery and that are wholly or principally governed by people in recovery who reflect the community served.”

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YPR’s network of chapters and programs across the country work together to make our communities #RecoveryReady. We will be advocating in Washington, D.C. from May 21st – May 23rd with members of Congress to secure their support of our shared mission.

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