• Application

    Want to start a new YPR chapter? Please fill out and submit the application below. Our team will carefully review each submission and conduct an interview with each applicant to make sure it’s a good fit. Upon approval, our staff will guide you through an orientation and training process so that you can hit the ground running!
  • Experience

  • Background Check

    YPR is a strong proponent of "ban the box" and second-chance legislation. As such, YPR consists of many people with criminal backgrounds. Therefore, having a criminal record, such as but not limited to DUI's or nonviolent felony convictions, in no way disqualifies applicants from starting Chapters. However, to ensure the safety and protection of many people with whom YPR closely works, YPR does conduct criminal background checks.
  • Support

    Starting a chapter is a serious commitment. Please list the names and emails of two people who are willing to start the chapter with you.