Jessica Rodriguez Lazo – YPR Los Angeles, CA

by | Mar 7, 2022

My name is Jessica Rodriguez Lazo and I am a recovery ally in Los Angeles. I was introduced to YPR a year ago, and it has been a wonderful and loving experience to be a part of a nonprofit whose mission is to support everyone in their journey to recovery. Through this year I have seen the passion that each member on the YPR team has for their communities and the people they serve. 

YPR has made an impact on me and my community by creating a safe and inclusive space in which we are all welcomed. Being able to host events that truly connect with my culture has been one of the most amazing experiences that YPR has given me. Allowing me to host Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) to honor friends and family who have left this Earth was gripping with many emotions. Hosting Cafe con Pan y Chisme (Coffee, Bread and Gossip) to vent and check in with each other allows us to feel at home. Remembering that this is something we share with loved ones and everyone present is a source of support. Having Art as Self Care and diving into various forms of art has been stimulating for everyone involved. Art has allowed us to heal some of our wounds that we don’t share with others, or allows us to reconnect with our inner childhood. All these events that I have been honored to share with folks have deeply impacted me and my commitment to my community. I am so grateful everyday when I am able to connect with the Los Angeles community and committed to fully being an advocate.  

As I continue being an ally to my community, I hope to critically engage and bring all the resources to support the people I serve. My goal is to bring more culturally centered events that will allow my community to feel at home while engaging in conversation about their recovery journeys.


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