Bring recovery resources to your community by launching a new YPR chapter. Our national organization will work with you to make sure you have all the resources and leadership development you need to be successful. YPR chapter leads enjoy all the benefits of membership as well as overseeing all outreach and advocacy activities for their local chapters, direct official YPR programming, attend the YPR National Leadership Conference and more.

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    Our Chapter Leads are on the forefront of social change and the Recovery Movement, and are entrusted stewards of YPR’s mission. Whether in recovery or not, young or old, supporters, friends and family alike, YPR welcomes everyone to join its team of volunteer advocates. Our Chapters serve as program platforms of YPR National, and Chapter Leads work closely with the YPR National team to strategically advance YPR’s mission. In local communities across the country, our Chapters focus on increasing access to education and employment opportunities, and secure, quality housing for young people in or seeking recovery from addiction.

    To become a Chapter Lead, please fill out and submit the application below. YPR National will carefully review each submission. Pending review of each application, YPR National will schedule and conduct an interview with each applicant. Upon approval, each applicant undergoes a complete orientation process in which YPR National provides each new Chapter Lead with the training, resources, and materials needed to grow, develop, and make an impact upon its community. Orientation includes training in the following areas: policy and advocacy, recovery messaging, organizing YPR-sponsored social events, fundraising, facilitating education and employment workshops, and ongoing Chapter development.
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    YPR is a strong proponent of "ban the box" and second-chance legislation. As such, YPR consists of many people with criminal backgrounds. Therefore, having a criminal record, such as but not limited to DUI's or nonviolent felony convictions, in no way disqualifies applicants from starting Chapters. However, to ensure the safety and protection of many people with whom YPR closely works, YPR does conduct criminal background checks.
  • Support

    Starting a chapter is a serious commitment. Please list the names and emails of two people who are willing to start the chapter with you.

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