My Recovery Is EPIC is a life-skills curriculum offered exclusively by Young People in Recovery that focuses on improving access to housing, education and employment. EPIC is informed by the four dimensions that SAMHSA has identified as being critical to a successful life in recovery: health, home, purpose and community. YPR and our partners have found that individuals who are more actively engaged in their life-planning are also more successful in their treatment and recovery process, and become more informed decision-makers overall.

My Recovery Is EPIC Kit Materials:

Implementation Guide
The Implementation Guide is your step-by-step guide through the process of implementing the My Recovery Is EPIC program at your facility

Training Manuals
This manual will be utilized by the My Recovery Is EPIC Site Trainer who will conduct the Implementation Training. Most questions regarding this document will be answered by the Site Trainer during that process.

The modules that will be facilitated in your facility.

Facilitator Guides
The content of these guides will assist the facilitator with the presentation of the curriculum, as they highlight important material on each slide and provide a few suggested talking points for a majority of the slides.

The participants of the My Recovery Is EPIC Program will utilize the workbooks as they attend the modules. Workbooks are used for the duration of the modules, with different activities, space for note-taking, and information that is compatible with the content in the curriculum for each presentation.

Marketing Materials
We want you to share with the community that you have chosen to utilize the My Recovery Is EPIC Program! There are marketing pamphlets designed to help you to share information with a brief snap shot of the program to community partners, referral sources and other stakeholders for your facility.