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What is the mission of Young People in Recovery?

YPR’s mission is to provide the life skills and peer supports that young people need to thrive and be successful in long-term recovery from addiction to drugs and alcohol. 

Why are you called Young People in Recovery?

YPR was founded in 2010 by a group of young people (aged 18-30) in recovery who wanted to help others. Our programs were designed for young people but serve individuals of every age. YPR chapters are usually led by a young person in recovery but others who care about these issues are also encouraged to get involved. 

Do you provide treatment for drug and/or alcohol addiction?

No, we provide life skills and peer supports so people in recovery can be more successful and meet their long-term goals like graduating from college, getting a good job, and finding housing. We believe that this will help people avoid relapse and stick with their own recovery programs longer, whether that’s 12-step/abstinence-based, faith-based, medication-assisted, harm reduction, or others. 

What does YPR do?

Our work falls into three major areas of focus. The first is chapters, which organize young people and others across the country. The second is life skills curriculums for individuals in or seeking recovery. The third is advocacy to increase resources and programs for people in recovery, particularly youth and young adults. 

What do YPR chapters do?

YPR chapters host free community workshops on housing, education, employment and recovery messaging (how you talk about your recovery to break the stigma around addiction and substance use). YPR chapters also offer free, fun activities like all-recovery meetings, athletic events, community service projects, and other substance-free activities where young people in recovery can get together and meet each other. Finally, they also advocate for more recovery resources on the local, state and national levels.

How many YPR chapters are there?

Currently, YPR operates over 55 chapters in 14 states and the District of Columbia but new chapters form all the time so please check our website for the most current list of chapters as well as contact information if you want to get involved!

What are YPR life skills programs?

YPR life skills programs help people of all ages in treatment for drug and/or alcohol addiction and people involved with the criminal justice system such as drug courts and alternative courts. Weekly sessions include topics such as financial literacy, the brain science of addiction; and how to find resources to help you with employment, education, and housing. Our programs are designed by young people in recovery to help other people in recovery gain the tools they’ll need to be successful after treatment—and they work!

What kind of advocacy does YPR do?

YPR works on the local, state and national level to increase resources and programs for people in recovery, particularly youth and young adults. YPR uses social media and other strategies to help mobilize our supporters to take action to help fight addiction and expand recovery. For more information on our current advocacy initiatives, click here!

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