The Phoenix Program is a multi-purpose support program offered exclusively by Young People in Recovery to criminal justice organizations, diversionary courts, law enforcement agencies, and to individual stakeholders in an effort to promote education, access to resources, and direct service for transitional-aged youth (18-25) involved in, or at-risk for involvement in the criminal justice system. This program is grounded in the core mission of YPR which is to educate and empower individuals who are in, or seeking, lifelong recovery.

Phoenix is informed by the four critical dimensions that SAMHSA identified for a successful life in recovery: health, home, purpose and community. It is further rooted in the SAMHSA GAINS center-identified barriers for successful reentry: lack of healthcare, job skills, education, and stable housing. Phoenix utilizes a peer support services model, which allows peers with lived experience to mobilize and directly serve at-risk individuals by providing the connective link to resources and assets that exist in their community. This program serves as the conduit that can educate, empower, and connect individuals to the resources that they need to be successful.

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