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At Young People In Recovery, we’re dedicated to providing critical support services and resources to youth and young adults recovering from substance use disorders. Founded in 2010 and spanning 54 chapters nationwide, our mission is to foster communities where young people can thrive in long-term recovery. Your support can make a real difference.

Your Gift, Their Future

YPR is a registered 501c3 organization Tax ID: 46-4109067

Stories of Hope and Recovery

Program Highlights:

YPR Chapters

  • Population Served: At-risk youth, people in, or seeking recovery, and recovery allies.
  • Impact: Hosts over 4,900 events, providing 68,800+ services, fostering community support and resilience.

My Recovery is E.P.I.C.

  • Population Served: Adults over 18 in recovery or treatment for substance use disorder.
  • Impact: Provides life skills, aiding in employment, education, and daily living. Improves confidence and self-reliance.

Phoenix Program

  • Population Served: Adults 18+ in the criminal justice system.
  • Impact:Integrates recovery support with legal requirements, aiding reintegration into society.

My Future is EPIC

  • Population Served: Youth aged 14-18 at risk of substance use disorder.
  • Impact: Focuses on prevention and early intervention, promoting education, employment, and healthy relationships.


What are YPR chapters?

YPR is a national recovery support service organization made up of chapters focused on peer-to-peer services for young people in, or seeking recovery. YPR chapters engage in advocacy at the local, state and federal levels to improve access to resources such as treatment, education, employment and housing. We do this by creating a national network of young people in recovery, their families and friends. YPR empowers young people to get involved in their communities by providing them with the tools and support that will allow them to take charge of their futures.

How much do you charge for your services?

All of the services provided by our chapters, including All-recovery meetings, Pro-social events, and educational Workshops are offered at no cost to the communities we serve. Our work is done by a national network of young people in recovery, their friends and family members. In addition to our chapter activities, YPR offers life skills curriculum through our My Recovery is EPIC and Phoenix programs. These programs are licensed to treatment centers and criminal justice agencies for a fee to operate which is determined based on the need from partners. YPR maintains a full-time staff as well as employs part time staff to operate our national chapter network. In order to keep our services free to those who need them, our national organization seeks general operating support in the form of donations from the general public, foundations, corporations and government funders on an ongoing basis.

What do YPR chapters actually do?

Each chapter offers an exciting calendar of social activities, advocacy events, public outreach, education programming and more. Every member is also exposed to the latest information as it relates to grassroot community organizing, leadership development, advocacy, volunteer management and recruitment, fundraising, public policy, and media messaging. Onboarding, training, supervision and program evaluation is provided in person and online by full-time YPR staff. Chapter leads also attend in-person training at the annual national leadership conference.

Does YPR advocate any specific treatment plan or 12-step program?

No, we embrace all pathways to recovery. You do not have to be in a 12-step program to be part of YPR. How you choose to pursue your own recovery is your business and we support your right to recover in whatever way is best for you.

Do you have to be a young person to be involved with YPR?

While most of our members are under the age of 30, there is no age limit to becoming involved with YPR. All we ask is that you are interested in supporting our cause and mission.

Will YPR work with other organizations in my community?

Yes! YPR seeks to collaborate with other community resources serving young people in recovery such as treatment providers; healthcare organizations and hospitals; drug courts and diversion programs; employers and local businesses; school districts, colleges, and universities; as well as social service and community groups.


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