Young People in Recovery

YPR envisions a world where all young people have the resources they need to thrive in recovery from addiction to drugs and alcohol.

YPR’s mission is to provide the life skills and peer supports to help people recover from substance use disorder and reach their full potential.

YPR’s core values are community, caring, respect, inclusion, and commitment.



YPR values community by creating welcoming spaces for people in– or seeking recovery– from substance use disorder, and their allies.


YPR values caring by meeting all people where they are in their recovery journeys, and by supporting all pathways of recovery.


YPR values respect by listening to others to understand and by operating with a spirit of intellectual curiosity.


YPR values inclusion by providing a dynamic state where individuals and groups feel safe, respected, engaged, motivated, and valued for who they are and for their contributions.

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Support the YPR movement now with a one-time or recurring gift to help us create recovery-ready communities in all 50 states and beyond.

$25/mo: Be an AGENT of change for one young person who is in recovery from substance use disorder

$50/mo: Become a FOUNDER of recovery-ready activities for one chapter nationwide

$125/mo: Become a SPONSOR of a YPR chapter leader (These individuals are the heroes of everything we do!)

YPR partners with feature
documentary film, Tipping The Pain Scale

Tipping The Pain Scale is a feature documentary film following individuals grappling with the current systemic failures of how we have dealt with addiction in communities and their journey to develop and employ new, innovative, and often controversial solutions to the problem. It is a quasi anthology, weaving characters through their own stories as they connect to the issues plaguing all communities and the country in an urgent fight to save lives.

Chapter Data

YPR chapters support young people through free, community-based events such as pro-social activities, all-recovery meetings, life-skills workshops, and more!

Program Data

YPR's three life-skills curriculum programs help participants sustain long-term recovery and locate resources in their communities to improve their overall health and wellness.


The EPIC program is an evidence-informed, life-skills curriculum program for adults aged 18+ who are in recovery from substance use disorder or who are in treatment for a substance use disorder.

My future is EPIC

The Future EPIC program is a life-skills curriculum program for 14- to 18-year-olds who are misusing substances, who are at high-risk for developing substance use disorder, or who already identify as being in recovery.


The Phoenix program is an evidence-informed, life-skills curriculum program for criminal justice-involved adults aged 18+ who struggle with problem substance use. Offered exclusively by YPR to drug courts/diversion courts, reentry programs, probation, and parole.


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What Are YPR Programs?

Founders circle

Join the Founders Circle, YPR’s corporate giving society. Membership supports the general operations of YPR while allowing corporate and nonprofit partners the opportunity to become more engaged in our work. 

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Recovery Corner Podcast

The official YPR podcast, Recovery Corner, engages the wider recovery community by highlighting topics that affect the entire recovery movement and by sharing inspiring personal stories of recovery.

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LGBTQ+ Recovery Resources

YPR is proud to support LGBTQ+ communities.  We’ve put together a list of LGBTQ+ specific recovery resources including online communities, events, sober spaces, podcasts, and more! Download

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