Kevin, YPR-Redding, CA

As we celebrate Independence Day this July, Kevin recalls and shares a part of his journey in long-term recovery and independence from substance use disorder beginning in 2016.

“I had struggled with substance use disorder from the time I was a late teen into my late twenties. I lived much of my life trying to figure out who I was, numb pain and find purpose and true lasting connection.

Alcohol and benzodiazepines among other things were my outlet, my connection, my security for my insecurities, and the only way I knew how to feel normal.  There was no freedom, independence, or value I saw in my life.  My entire life was dependent upon a substance; it was the cover up for fear, loneliness, failure and comparison. 

When would I become free?

In March of 2016, my childhood best-friend who struggled with SUD took his life.  After years of my family trying to help me, they had seen enough after this unfortunate incident.  They gathered me for a planned intervention, which I fought, but ultimately accepted.  I like to believe that a letter penned by my friend that said ‘You can’t do this on your own,’ was the pivotal factor in me saying yes to treatment and recovery.  It was penned by him- but I took it as God speaking to me.”

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