My name is Lynn and I am a person in long term recovery. A little over twenty years ago I made a decision to embark on a journey to add happiness and meaning to my life. They say that when the student is ready the teacher will appear. I’ve found this to be true for me. I didn’t know how to begin. I chose to seek support from those in recovery from substance use disorders . I thank God for all of the wonderful people who shared their experiences and hope with me along the way. It was suggested as a program of recovery to change everything about myself. Being willing to take suggestions, I did just that. I changed homes, relationships, vehicles and careers. I feel I have made great strides since I started. One of the best decisions I feel I made is changing career paths. I had acquired degrees in business and accounting fields that I now use  to help with peer support services. While working at a local treatment facility I began facilitating the YPR EPIC life skills program which in turn led me to becoming an employee with Young People in Recovery as the Prestonsburg Chapter Lead.
Young People In Recovery has been such a blessing in my life. I feel there is a higher power that brings individuals together to cross paths to aid each other on our spiritual journeys.
YPR has given me the opportunity to help others’ children, friends and loved ones the way someone helped me when I couldn’t be there. Through YPR I bring people together to build recovery support systems. The pandemic has taught me the importance of socialization. Having gatherings either in person or virtually have helped others meet, make friends, do service work and be a part of a greater good. YPR has given us direction and support to host events that have brought people out of isolation. The Prestonbury, KY YPR chapter has hosted virtual All-Recovery Meetings followed by a “meeting after the meeting” in which individuals can continue to stay on the Zoom meeting to just talk with each for mutual support. We also have fun! Chapter hosts many pro-social events just for the purpose of having fun and getting the word out that we exist and are here to help anyone in need in a judgement free zone. We have hosted weekly Yoga sessions, physical exercise boot camps and our famous Coffee Sip N’ Paints. Prestonsburg, KY’s local park gave YPR the opportunity to prove themselves  to be of  good character when they allowed our chapter to host a pool party in 2018. Since then we have gained a good name that has helped reduce stigma surrounding those in recovery from substance use disorder. Since 2018 Prestonsburg’s YPR Chapter has been allowed to use the park’s facilities to host tabling events, NarCan training and distributions and candlelight vigils. I was recently informed that our chapter is known to “leave the place cleaner than we left it’ and that they” don’t have to worry’ when it’s YPR. In the future I hope to continue gaining goodwill with our community. Our chapter cooks dinner and transports it to a local homeless shelter which we hope to continue. On a personal note YPR has given me the opportunity to have a dream come true. Being a cat lover and a self professed cat whisperer, I hope to meet Jackson Galaxy from “My Cat From Hell ” series in October 2021 at YPR’s National Leadership Conference just in time for my birthday! Thank you to  YPR for letting me be a part of your nationwide family!

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