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by | Nov 10, 2021

I wanted help long before I got it. It was 2020, the world experiencing panic and fear from a pandemic. My hours at work were temporarily, but drastically reduced. Some day-drinking seemed to be fitting for the situation. My drinking had begun to affect my life. My boyfriend at the time had dumped me, I crashed my truck and I was being evicted by my landlords from multiple drunken incidents. My boyfriend told me that I needed help if I wanted to continue our relationship. The first seed was planted and I went online to see what support I could find. I found this group called YPR and followed the Facebook page. I read the posts and watched the events pop up, but I did not engage myself. I didn’t truly feel I had a problem, although I knew drinking had caused my problems. I wasn’t there for myself. I continued to drink. Then On September 12, 2020 I hit Rock Bottom. I had convinced myself I deserved that bottle of whiskey after the week I had had. I put my son to bed after dinner and consumed most of the bottle. I don’t remember anything else except for a brief glimpse of standing on one foot in front of an officer. I drove blackout drunk.

Thankfully I was called in and arrested for DUI. 4 days later I walked up to a group of strangers at a park in Durango and shared my story. Through the tears and immense pain, I found support. The friends I have made through this group are my rock- solid foundation to my recovery. Young People in Recovery was there for me when I thought no one else could or would understand. I finally did not feel alone. They welcomed me with open arms, shared experiences, and a support phone list. Through this amazing group I have been having crazy fun adventurous experiences that I would have never made time for when I was in active addiction. River rafting, moonlight hikes, flash mobs, caramel apples, haunted houses, game nights, Friendsgiving and volunteering in the community to name a few. I am so incredibly thankful for my new found family. I can remember these experiences, cherish them and be proud of who I am while encountering them. As a child of an alcoholic parent, I know that I am on my one true path and I was set on it by no mistake, to break the cycle. I am inspired to continue on this journey and help others along the way. The best part is that I am a better person. I love myself. I am a present and caring mother to my son. He deserves THIS me, and so do I. Today, I am 403 days sober; that’s 1 year, 1 month, and 8 days. (Since 9/25/20) And I owe it all to YPR. Thank you for existing.

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