Jessica, YPR-MA

I’m Jessica Morrow, Program Assistant and Chapter Lead in Massachusetts, and a person in long-term recovery. I struggled with my substance use disorder for almost 20 years before achieving lasting […]

Kevin, YPR-Redding, CA

As we celebrate Independence Day this July, Kevin recalls and shares a part of his journey in long-term recovery and independence from substance use disorder beginning in 2016. “I had […]


“I didn’t know there was a life worth living. Through the recovery process, I was given the opportunity to learn and to grow. To develop and to see life beyond […]


Working with YPR has been powerful and eye opening. I have been able to support my community and that is so empowering. We are out here changing lives.

Matthew – YPR Durango

Hi, I’m Matthew and I’m a man in recovery, a proud member of YPR and grateful every day for my sobriety and my continual journey through mental, physical and spiritual […]

Dante, YPR-Cortez,CO

My name is Dante and I am a person in recovery. My journey with recovery began for me at the age of 16 when I walked into my first NA […]

Sara, YPR-Durango, Colorado

I wanted help long before I got it. It was 2020, the world experiencing panic and fear from a pandemic. My hours at work were temporarily, but drastically reduced. Some […]


Troy Hoggard San Diego, CA My name is Troy Hoggard. I became involved with YPR around October 2020 and have enjoyed the events put on by the leadership. The yoga […]


“Something that really inspires me about YPR is how we really focus on creating a loving, non judgemental space where people can feel like they are not being left behind.” […]


My name is Lynn and I am a person in long term recovery. A little over twenty years ago I made a decision to embark on a journey to add […]